How To Keep Your Dog Safe During COVID-19

August 9, 2020
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Dog and Owner worried about pet getting COVID-19


Keeping Your Dog Safe During COVID

2020 has given us a lot of reasons to worry. The news coming out about the current pandemic is not only troubling, but confusing. We seem to be learning more about COVID-19 every day. This has led to mixed messaging and even contradictory guidelines. And while this is understandable because of the fact that we’ve never seen an illness like this before, it is still frustrating. 

We’ve learned how we can best protect ourselves and our loved ones, but what about our pets? There have been reports about animals testing positive for the coronavirus. Does this mean we can pass the illness to our pets? And can they transfer it to us? 

Let’s look a little deeper into this subject to clear up any confusion about how our pets are affected by COVID-19 and how we can best protect them. 

Can Dogs Get COVID-19 From the Dog Groomer? 

There is evidence that pets have contracted COVID-19. The good news is that most of these cases have either been mild or the animal didn’t show any symptoms at all. The ability of the illness to transfer from person to animal isn’t exactly known, but it is thought to be able to transfer in a similar fashion as it does from person to person.j 

This means you should think of how your animal interacts with the general public much in the way you think about it for yourself. Staying out of large groups with close proximity to other people is the best way to avoid the possibility of contracting COVID-19. 

A visit to the dog groomer is often an elected service. These trips should be limited as much as possible, but they can be done if the proper protective measures are taken by the groomer. Are they limiting the amount of animals and people allowed within the store? You should also make an appointment that works best for your schedule. Don’t drop your animal off and pick them up much later in the day. Do your best to bring them home as soon as the service is complete. It is possible for your pet to get COVID-19 from the dog groomer, but best practices can help mitigate this possibility. 


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Can My Dog Get COVID-19 From the Veterinarian Hospital? 

A visit to the veterinarian hospital can be safely performed, but only if the hospital and the pet owner take the proper precautions. Many veterinarians are offering telehealth options. This allows you to speak with a veterinarian to decide if your animal’s condition is serious enough to warrant a visit to the physical location. This is a great way to get the proper advice. 


We don’t know exactly how the virus spreads between animals and people so the best thing you can do in the case of visiting the veterinarian hospital is to keep your distance from other people and animals. This again means you should try to avoid leaving your animal to be kept in the kennel if at all possible. Exposure to other animals simply increases the chances of exposure to the virus. 


Should I Take My Dog To The Vet During COVID-19? 

The severity of your pet’s condition will dictate whether a trip to the vet is necessary. Make use of the telehealth option if available to see if it’s possible to keep your pet at home. These trips are able to be performed, but extreme care is necessary to avoid your animal becoming sick, or you yourself becoming sick. 


You should always take care of yourself to avoid the possibility of infecting your pet. Practice social distancing. Wear a mask. And while it’s a great idea to keep your pet away from other animals and people just like how you are doing it for yourself, you shouldn’t put a face covering on your pet. This can be dangerous for them. The best thing you can do is keep them at least six feet away from other people and pets. 


Is Doggie Daycare Safe For My Puppy During COVID-19? 

Doggie daycare is often necessary for the pets of people that need to go to work during the day. The need for this service should be analyzed. Would your pet be okay to stay at home while you are away? If there’s no danger of the animal becoming harmed and no danger of extreme damage being done to your home, it should be highly considered. 


The transmission of COVID-19 between animals isn’t completely understood, but it seems likely the illness is able to be transferred between animals, as well as from people to animals. Doggie daycare often involves a large grouping of animals which makes it difficult to keep a steady six feet between them. This makes transmission likely if a sick animal is in attendance. Speak with your local doggie daycare to see what safety precautions they are using. And if they don’t seem to be strict enough to ensure the safety of your animal, it might be best to keep your pet home. 


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