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LOVE the staff at CPP!!!  Always take the time to help us understand all of our pets’ needs.

Richard H.

Crossroads Pet Professionals has the best and most caring bedside manner with animals. I met Dr. Anderson at Crossroads when my cat was very sick. She is very knowledgeable and really seems to care for your pet. Dr. Anderson talked about all available treatments thoroughly and in detail; attentive to all of my concerns. The staff is always caring, friendly and helpful with all the needs of your pet. I highly recommend this vet, truly the best! (Five Stars)

Jane W.

Our family pets have been patients of Dr. Tjardes and Crossroads for over 15 years.  We have been very pleased with their service and attention to detail. They take the time to answer our questions and return phone calls promptly.  Their employees are very friendly and remember both our names and our pets’ names.  Unfortunately, we’ve had two pets that were euthanized there and Crossroads handled our grief with respect and empathy.  We have used their boarding and grooming facilities also. The boarding and grooming facilities are top-notch. The kennels are size appropriate, clean, and offer extra play time & attention for our pets.  We highly recommend Crossroads for all your pet needs.

Dorothy T.

Simply 5-Star

Internet Reviewer

I have been going to Crossroads for over 20 years, starting with our first Italian Greyhound –little Bella- in 1997.

Now we have our little girl- Lily- and we are so thankful that the Doctors and staff treat our pups- like their own! Top notch! So blessed to know- Lily is always is great hands!

Thank you!

Betty R.

My husband and I have been taking our two boxers Frank and Alice to crossroads for over five years now. Not only do they provide personalized and exceptional care for our dogs, but the veterinary staff has been wonderful in helping to alleviate several small issues for our dog Frank. Specifically, Frank has had an eye problem as well as a growth on his head. Both items were resolved to our satisfaction which is one reason of many why we continue to use Crossroads for our dogs. Every time the dogs get out of the car to go to the Crossroads, they bolt for the front door because they are so excited to see the wonderful staff and have another great stay. We are so thankful to have such a great place to take our beloved pets!

Holli H.

I always enjoy working with the friendly people at Crossroads. They provide quality care.

Bob L.

Great!!! I have been taking my dog the Crossroads for 4 years. She enjoys interactive daycare and boarding. We board most major holidays. She gets her vet work done while boarding and a bath. She always smells great. How wonderful it is to have everything done at once. I would recommend them to everyone

Loyal Customer

We bought our 5-year-old son his first dog in the summer of 2015, and once we were able to, we spent a few months trying different locations to utilize for “doggy daycare”. One of the initial three we tried unfortunately just turned out to be a flat-out “No!” through all aspects of the experience. The other two were simply “ok”.

However, when we found Crossroads it was almost immediately clear that we had found the right place! Once Derby adjusted to her new surroundings – she’s a very sweet, but timid dog – we saw a new side of her begin to come out. She’s always excited to “go see her friends” in the morning, and always super chipper when we pick her up; although getting her to leave sometimes is a challenge, because she wants to stay longer. Having your pet be super happy is a big bonus, but the facility is excellent too!

They have great rates / packages, a very clean and open environment, wonderful grooming and medical services, and we cannot say enough about the staff!!! They are always upbeat, professional, kind / sweet, and we regularly find ourselves standing around in conversation, as they could not be any more friendly!!

In one line, I would very comfortably say that “Crossroads is THE place to take your pet(s)!”

Matthew, Elizabeth, Isaiah, & Derby