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Keeping Your Pet Safe is Our Top Priority

It can be difficult to leave our pets. Not only will we miss seeing them every day, but we know they will miss us. And beyond worrying about them being lonely, we need to think of the everyday logistics of owning a pet — feeding them, making sure they’re comfortable, getting them exercise, cleaning up after they go to the bathroom, etc.

What will you do with your dog while you have long days at work? Who will watch your cat while you are on vacation? These considerations can be difficult to navigate, but they don’t need to be.

There are plenty of options for keeping your pets safe, happy, and fed while you are away. Let’s look into the best options and the benefits they can provide to pet owners that can’t be with their pets for a certain amount of time.

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Doggy Daycare

Long days at work are rough. They can sap your energy and have you wishing you were back at home. But your dog wants you home even more than that. Being alone for long periods of time can have negative effects on dogs. They can grow anxious and lonely. This can lead to destructive behavior that will not only stress you out, but cost you money. And then when they see they’ve made you upset, they feel even worse.

Large amounts of time home alone are particularly difficult for younger dogs. Their bladders aren’t as large or strong as those of older animals. This means they have a higher potential for accidents. And you don’t want to come home to that.

Crate training is a popular means of controlling destructive behavior in animals left on their own. However, there’s a limit as to how long you should be keeping your animal in a crate. Excessive time spent behind bars stresses the animal out. And despite popular trains of thought, dogs will still eliminate in a crate if the pressure becomes too much. This leaves them in a messy situation.

Doggy daycare addresses all of these concerns. Bringing your dog to a reliable daycare like Crossroads Pet Professionals in Nolensville, TN ensures someone is looking out for their well-being while you are away at work. The dog gets to run free and play with other dogs instead of being lonely in a locked cage. Sanitary conditions are guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about destructive behavior.

Boarding Kennels

Leaving home for an extended period of time poses more issues than leaving for work. Someone is going to need to feed your animals. They are going to have to receive attention from someone that isn’t you or any members of your family until you get back. Any time you leave overnight, a boarding kennel will be required to keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.

  • Dog Boarding

Crossroads Pet Professionals provides clean and comfortable kennels for dogs to spend their time while you are away. The rooms are spacious and provide plenty of room for your dog to relax. You can be assured that our professionals will take expert care of your animal. Dogs are provided their personal space in which to sleep and relax. They also have access to play areas where they can enjoy getting exercise while socializing with other dogs.

  • Cat Boarding

Crossroads Pet Professionals also offers boarding options for your cat while you are away. Many people think cats are able to mostly take care of themselves in our absence. This is usually acceptable but only up to a certain point. Cats like attention, too. Their food runs out. And their litter boxes need to be cleaned. Cat boarding offers the same affordances as dog boarding, with the exception of playing with dogs.

Will My Pet Be Happy at a Boarding Kennel?

Boarding your animal is usually the best option for when you are away. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Some dogs don’t enjoy the attention of other dogs. These situations can stress them out and it’s not recommended to bring these dogs to a boarding kennel if other options are available.

But remember, electing to bring your dog with you can stress them out just as much as a boarding kennel, if not more. Flying is not comfortable for a dog. Neither are long road trips. These situations can bring large amounts of stress to your animal. So even if your dog might not seem like they would enjoy staying at a kennel, compare that to how they would enjoy traveling.

Crossroads Pet Professionals has everything your pet will need to remain happy while you are away. We are a full-service veterinarian, grooming salon, and boarding house. Our professionals will take care of your pets as if they are our own.

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